Sunday, January 21, 2007


My new ecobags... with semi-healthy grocerys in them!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


My blog is kinda boring... I used to be so good about posting photos.
That is my new promise to you... I will start taking more food photos and posting them to break up the monotony of the food lists!
I know I have a photo of Marcellus Wallace (my sock monkey) eating breakfast at Joey's Pancake House!!!
: )
Tuesday, January 9, 2007
30 minute Great Glutes and Abs class

2 flaky buiscuits
leftover pasta with organic spaghetti sauce
kettle baked chips
Hershey's 100 Calorie Wafer Bar
hamburger grilled with lipton onion soup mix
baked french fries
chocolate milk shake

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

bowl of Frosted Flakes with 1/3 less sugar
pasta with alfredo and blackened chicken at Applebee's for Norm's retirement lunch
chocolate milkshake

In the excitement of driving to Maggie Valley, North Carolina with my Christopher and the puppy, I somehow forgot to record Thursday and Friday. : (

Saturday, January 13, 2007
Tons of walking in the mountains…

breakfast at Joey's Pancake House
french toast and sausage
two mugs of hot chocolate
chicken nuggets from Wendy's
two biscuits from KFC

Sunday, January 14, 2007
Lots of walking again but also an hour and 45 minutes of snow tubing!!! Yes, snow tubing!!

pancakes and sausage, made by yours truly
one mug of hot chocolate
lunch at Bogart's
chicken strips
handful of fries from Chris' plate
dinner at J Arthur's
prime rib
pasta with alfredo sauce
mini hot fudge sundae

Joey's was deeeelish! They used a combination of powdered sugar and cinnamon on the french toast... I definitely have to remember that for my own! And the hot chocolate... to die for!
We also bought two of their mugs to remember them by...
It has become a bit of a tradition. When we went on our Savannah trip, we went out one evening to Moon River, a restaurant that brews their own beer. We ordered our beers in their souvenir glasses but they were sold out. So, I ordered two glasses online (I was a bit grumpy at them since I had to then pay shipping and handling) for Chris for Christmas... great minds think alike. He ordered two glasses for me as well!
Anyway, the point is that we like to get glasses (or mugs) from the places we go.

Ooooh... and I had almost forgotten how much I love the biscuits at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I haven't eaten there in years... but I remembered how much I liked them as a kid and how fluffy and yum they are... so we ran through the drive through... mmm... those are gonna be my new treat!

I also made another discovery this weekend.
Chris tried to warn me that it wasn't the same as steak... but when she read the special that included the hot fudge sundae, I was hooked.
Next time, I'll get something I know I like and just pay the extra for the sundae! : )

Monday, January 15, 2007
Sat on my butt in the car for hours…
We did listen to the third book in the Chronicles of Narnia, A Horse and His Boy. When I said I wanted the series, I meant the books. But my parents got me the CD’s… at first I wasn’t so excited because I don’t have a CD player in my car (I know, I know) but with all the road trips Chris and I have been taking, they’ve been wonderful! Truly. I love listening to them!!

ate a Butterfinger in the car...

also stopped at Hardee's on the drive home...
had a burger, fries, and a chocolate milkshake.

stopped later at a gas station where I got a strawberry Fanta and a bag of Ruffles cheddar and sour cream... to my credit though, I didn't eat the whole thing!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007
30 minute Great Glutes and Abs class

bowl of Frosted Flakes (still 1/3 the sugar)
peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with the leftover Ruffles from the drive home
pumpkin truffle from Swiss Colony
Hershey's 100 Calorie wafer bar
chicken stuffed shells with alfredo sauce
slice of texas toast with cheese
bite of Chris' white chocolate macadamia nut cookie from Subway where we went later to meet Raines and Brian, Chris' friends since high school.
Chris later got a text from Raines... both guys liked me!!! Yay!

Wednesday, January 17, 2006
Lazy bones… the rain made me do it!

bowl of Frosted Flakes (still 1/3 the sugar)
leftover chicken stuffed shells
two slices of toast with peanut butter
pasta with my organic spaghetti sauce… with some hamburger thrown in

Thurday, January 18, 2007
1 hour step class

4 slices peanut butter toast
leftover pasta with spaghetti sauce
100 Calorie Hershey Wafer Bar
chips and salsa
mmm... steak (from Omaha Steaks)
and thai noodles
hershey kisses : )

Friday, January 19, 2007

bowl of Frosted Flakes (1/3 the sugar)
peanut butter and jelly (choke cherry jelly!!) sandwich
bowl of regular Corn Flakes
1 Fruit Roll up (I'm quite sure my tongue is currently blue because of it!)
another fruit roll up
one yuengling
a couple chips from a huge plate of nachos in the middle of the table at Amada’s happy hour planned at Ale House
a handful of Hershey Kisses while lying in bed reading before falling asleep

You may have noticed I haven’t been regularly weighing myself. I read this article the other day so now I’ve got to decide when I’m gonna do this. Not that I’ve been running… I just mean the weighing part.

Weigh In
Routinely stepping on the scale and checking body weight is another key way NWCR participants stay on the losing side. To keep that routine from becoming obsessive, don't weigh yourself more than once a week. (You might want to forgo the scale at home to resist temptation.) There are normal weight fluctuations throughout the day-especially for runners around workouts-of anywhere from a pound to 10 pounds, depending on how much fluid you've consumed. To keep an accurate gauge, weigh yourself on the same day of the week, at the same time, say, Saturday morning before your run when you're well hydrated.

Monday, January 08, 2007

More blogging... but still eating bad...

Tuesday, January 2, 2007
136 pounds
1 hour step class

Hershey’s 100 Calorie Pretzel Bar
Another Hershey’s 100 Calorie Pretzel Bar (mmmm…. they are yummy!)
2 fruit roll ups
Bowl of corn flakes
Herb and garlic pasta
Something like 4 fruit roll ups

Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Forgot to weigh self...
1 hour belly dancing class

Back at work after a 4 day weekend... and someone is already trying to kill my diet. There are two boxes of yummy scrumptious toffee on the kitchen table. How do I know that it is delish? Well, hello?!?! Think I could resist it? Nooooo...
At least I'm going to the gym after work.

Hershey's 100 Calorie Pretzel Bar
Honey wheat pretzels
1 piece of yummy toffee
Tomato soup and a bag of 100 calorie ritz crackers...
oh, and two fruit roll ups for dessert.
Honey wheat pretzels
Hershey’s 100 Calorie Pretzel Bar
Corn on the cob
Angel hair pasta with herbs
Fruit roll up
And another fruit roll up later…

Belly dancing, by the way, was a cool class. It wasn’t a crazy strenuous workout, which is good because I’m a wee bit sore from step class yesterday, but it was different from the usual and I think I got a good arm workout. Plus she did an ab workout at the end of class… I liked that because it was like what they used to do at the gym I went to in Fort Myers. You’d get a fabulous cardio workout AND get to work the abs at the end. Yay! I’ll definitely go back next week… I just wish I had an outfit like the teacher’s! ; )

Thursday, January 4, 2007
137 pounds
Legs too sore to move

Yogurt with granola
Hamburger Happy Meal
Hot Fudge Sundae
3 Cheese Baked Ziti at Olive Garden for another Tracy’s birthday

My Eco-Bags came in!!!! I ended up ordering the grocery bag set for one online… and they are here! Two big grocery bags with handles, two produce bags, and one net bag. I can’t wait to use them!! I’ll let you know how it goes…

Friday, January 5, 2007
138 pounds
30 minute walk

100 Calorie Hershey Wafer Bar
2 Fruit Roll Ups
Leftover 3 cheese ziti
½ 100 Calorie Hershey Wafer Bar
Carr’s Table Crackers
Small hamburger and fries from Steak and Shake
Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato from Funari’s

Saturday, January 06, 2007
136 pounds
45 minutes on stationary bike

It sure seems like my weight fluctuates a lot. But I think some of that may be time of day… sometimes I remember to stand on the scale in the morning, other times it is evening. Some of it may also be clothing, although lately I’ve been very good about stripping down to my skivvies before baring it all to the scale.
This last bit is typed with a cheesy grin on my face… baring it all… in my skivvies… ha ha!!

So Hannah’s birthday is Thursday. She’ll be 8.
Oh! Hannah is my darling Chris’ daughter. She’s very cute and goofy!
But anyway, Chris’ parents are having a cookout for her birthday tomorrow… which means I have to get her present together TODAY! I have an Aladdin lithograph that my friend Kristen gave me that I’m planning to frame… and then I want to find something else Aladdin related. Preferably a book but if it comes down to it, maybe the movie or something like that. I’m not sure if the movie is even out of that Disney vault thing currently though…

Today’s food:
Mint chocolate chip gelato
2 fruit roll ups
Hamburger happy meal
Oatmeal cookies

I didn’t even get popcorn at the movies. Chris, Hannah, and I went to see Happily N’Ever After. It was okay. Well drawn, and moments of funniness… but not quite as hilarious as I had hoped it would be from the trailers. Oh well…

Can I also say Ebay is addicting???
I went on there to find more lithographs from Disney films… I figured I could make that into a regular gift idea… especially since Hannah’s walls in her bedroom at Chris’ are bare. I’d always do something fun along with it because I know framed pictures, although pretty, aren’t really a child’s favorite gift.
Yeah, so anyway… Ebay.
I now will have lithographs coming out my HINEY!
I won! A bunch!
Who’s the big winner?!?!?!

I now have Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, and Bambi. I’m winning two bids currently, one for Monsters Inc and the other for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Whew…

Sunday, January 07, 2007
135.5 pounds

Monday, January 08, 2007
135.5 pounds
30 minute walk/jog with Apple

I just realized that I didn’t write anything yesterday… and I can’t remember what I ate… I think I had some spaghetti… and probably oatmeal cookies…
Oh well.

Today I got to use my Ecobag!!! I went to the grocery store at lunch. And the checkout man didn’t even look at me funny!

Alpine Hot Apple Cider!!!
Bowl of Frosted Flakes with 1/3 the sugar
Two biscuits with peanut butter
Bowl of pasta with organic sauce
4 fruit roll ups

I have to stay away from Ebay! That’s all there is to it. No more logging on to Ebay… once my current bids are done with…
No more looking at anything else.
No no nonononono.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Been a long time...

I have decided to make resolutions for 2007. This will be a first for me. I know… I’m soon to be 32 years old and if I haven’t been in the habit of making resolutions, only to break them later on, why should I start now?
Because I’ve decided to make a difference… both for myself and the future.
This is typed in a deep resounding voice on “the future”.

Resolution One
I will be more environmentally conscious.

I’ve always been a recycler. Ever since I was a kid. As a child, it was my job to stand in the driveway on a hot summer afternoon and step on cans. Coke cans… usually diet actually. Those were my mom’s. Squirt cans… those we’d buy up north when we’d visit the grandparents and cart back down for my dad to drink. And whatever else happened to be on sale at the IGA.
I’d squash those cans as flat as my little feet and legs would allow. Then I’d throw them back in the garbage bag and when there were enough to warrant a trip to the recycle place, my parents would plop me and my bags of flat cans in the car and off we’d go. I always got to keep the money I made from recycling aluminum. Once I think I even made as much as $5 or $10 dollars. It was a lot of money for me… and even more for pop cans!
So I grew up with the recycling cans thing in my head. I joined Environmental Club in high school... and when I went off to college and realized the dorm didn’t have recycle bins, despite having soda machines, I was the one who made my own bins and put them in the hallways.
But now I’ve decided that isn’t enough.

I am going to add two new things to my hippie side:
1. I am going to discontinue allowing grocery stores to waste plastic bags on me. They throw two items in a bag and then double bag it just in case. At one point, the bags were useful. I would clean my cat’s litter box with them or line the garbage can in the bathroom with them. Well, my cat passed away just over a month ago… and I have enough plastic bags stuffed in the sausage shaped cloth thing hanging from the kitchen pantry doorknob to line a lifetime of bathroom garbage cans!! So I’m switching to canvas.
I hear that bag boys get annoyed when you hand the canvas bags over for your groceries. I hope that’s not true. Why do they care what bag they put my food in? It’s still the same job.
2. I am going to purchase those less energy using light bulbs.
Not because I think they will save a lot of money… although from what I understand, they will if you continue to use them over time.
I just like the idea of it.
And I don’t like the idea of global warming so much… but worse would be global cooling… I’m always cold as it is. Even living in Florida. But that’s beside the point. Energy efficient light bulbs. Good idea. This is typed in a very resolute manner. Ha! Get it?? Resolute… these are my reslolutions? Ha!!

Resolution Two
I am going to eat better, work out more, and lose weight.

Yes, I am quite aware that this one is always everyone’s yearly resolution. I know the gyms become overly crowded in January and much less so by March… if not earlier. However, I already belong to a gym. I pay $40 a month for the privilege. I joined last summer and was actually pretty good about going a couple times a week for awhile. I recently have slacked off due to a horrid crick in my neck. But I am returning to the gym. Despite the lack of ability to turn my head to the left, I will attend step class once again! This is typed while sitting up quite straight in my chair with my head held high.
And with the hope that I haven’t made myself sound like some sort of Quasimodo.

As far as the eating better… well, that won’t take much. I have a candy jar on my desk at work. I brought it in when I began to work in this office just over a year and a half ago. In that time, I’ve filled it, my coworkers have filled it, my boss has filled it… and it is on MY desk… staring at me. Begging me to eat it.
And I’ve never been a light eater.
And that’s been okay. I’m 5’6. And until recently, I was about 120 pounds. I have a small frame and a high metabolism.
Well… my sister is getting married in February. I tried on dresses this summer and the size 4 fit. And that’s what I bought.
No more.
The size 8 fits.
8?!?!?! Not that an 8 is big by any means… but I’ve never been an 8!!!!
I don’t care if the saleswoman said it was my bust. So I didn’t try the dress on with a bra this summer… no one told me that it would make such a difference. She says it would have meant I needed a 6. Well then?!?!!? Why does the 8 fit??? And WHY, oh WHY have I gone from a 34C to a 34D?!?!?!
I suppose the guys will be thrilled, especially my guy in particular… and the less endowed girls will be quite jealous of the girl with the 34D.
But I hate it. I want my C back.
So I’m going to eat better… no more candy jar for Miss Tracy. I will be snacking on pretzels or crackers or fruit. And that’s that. I am going to lose the 20 pounds I have managed to gain since this summer. Hmph.

You think I’m waiting until January 1 to start my resolutions? No way. I’m starting now. Getting a head start on all those other resolutioners. And this is my way of showing you, and myself, that I can do it.

Thursday, December 28, 2006
140.5 pounds
1 hour step class

Last night after work, I went to the grocery store. I wanted to buy healthier snack foods and a couple canvas bags. I managed all right on the food I suppose. I got yogurt and grapes and those little 100 Calorie Packs of Ritz Crackers. They are really good by the way. A wee bit salty but good all the same. I also got some chicken and bean sprouts and scallions for stir fry tonight. But unfortunately Publix didn’t have any canvas shopping bags. This is typed sitting in a chair with a pouty face on.

So for Thursday my diet consisted of:
Honey wheat pretzels
1 ½ slices leftover cheese pizza
1 bag of 100 Calorie Ritz Chips
1 pumpkin truffle from Swiss Colony
1 bag of 100 Calorie Ritz Chips
Stir fry chicken with scallions and bean sprouts on a bed of white rice
Chocolate milkshake
½ chocolate chip cookie made by my mum
(No one said I wasn’t going to eat ANY junk food… just cut back a bit)

Lots of water throughout the day. No soda… I don’t drink caffeine anyway…

Friday, December 29, 2006
140.5 pounds
20 minute walk on trails

Friday’s diet:
Honey wheat pretzels
Leftover chicken stir fry with white rice
1 bag of 100 Calorie Ritz Chips
1 pumpkin truffle
1 pumpkin truffle

Okay… I’m hungry now. But it’s almost 9 o clock at night. Am I supposed to eat this late if I’m trying to lose weight? But if I don’t eat, will I feel horrid all night and not get any sleep? Can I eat something small? Please?
Why haven’t I already eaten dinner? Well, after work I went with the girls to do some party shopping. When I say the girls I mean Amy, Amanda, and Kristen. And when I say party shopping I mean food and other requirements for our New Year’s Eve Bash!

You know, I was going to tell you all about it but I’m starving so I’m going to go find food instead.
This is typed with a scrunchy, pained look on my face.

Dinner (rather late):
Plate of rotini pasta with melted Velveeta

Saturday, December 30, 2006
136 pounds
Pas de Exercise other than walking the dog, which I do a lot of anyway

Ooooh! 136!!! I wonder if it made a difference that this time I was nekkid while standing on the scale… could my clothes have been adding 4 pounds to me?? Or maybe I’m just losing weight like mad from one step class!!! ; )

I woke up late this morning so:
Bowl of Frosted Flakes (with 30% less sugar)
Plate of rotini pasta with melted Velveeta
Chocolate milkshake
1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Sunday, December 31, 2006
135 pounds
No exercise other than putting up decorations for the NYE party and again taking things down and cleaning up

Food wise:
Strawberry yogurt
Honey wheat pretzels
Loads of junk at the party… so sue me. It’s a party.
Junk includes chips and queso… mini cream puffs and crab cakes… and beer… yuengling light though!

Momday, January 1, 2007
136 pounds
Lots of walking

Late lunch:
Pizza at The Loop… I was naughty and had pepperoni and bacon.
I also had a chocolate milkshake
Late dinner:
Bowl of corn flakes… no sugar!
And three fruit roll ups… oops.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Saturday's food

The cream puffs for the party:

and my lunch:

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Falling over...

Sunday: I got up a bit late-ish so I had the rest of my queso with chips for lunch. Then I ran off to softball practice and a game...
After the game I shared a pitcher o' beer with Mark, one of my teammates, at Ale House. Usually after the games I drink root beer and eat loaded cheese fries. I didn't this week.
I think I went home and showered and then ate ice cream while watching Wendy Wu, Homecoming Warrior.

Monday: 3 clementines and two granola bars in the morning.
Lunch was a Stouffer's las-ag-na and another clementine.
After work and before class, I managed to down two bowls of ice cream. And after class? Another bowl of ice cream.

Tuesday: Oh, today. Breakfast was leftover Cripsers from Saturday and a granola bar.
Lunch? I'm eating a bag of Ruffles right now. I have a microwave Red Baron pizza but I've eaten a lot of Ruffles (have Rrrrrridges) so I dunno if I want the pizza. I have m&m's for dessert. : )

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday's eatery

Breakfast took place in the car on the way to the library for my weekly Saturday meeting with my CapSim group. It was a granola bar. I also took a second one to sneak into the library and eat about halfway through the meeting. It kept my tummy from being totally pissed that I was there until almost 2 pm... bypassing lunchtime.

So I had lunch around 3 pm. That's okay. Look what I had:
Yup, chicken quesdaillas... and extra hot queso!!

Dinner was late too. Probably around 8:30-ish. I had the Carribean Chicken Flatbread and a chocolate milkshake at Crispers with a friend. We were going to go see The Breakup at 10 but said friend was tired. So home I came. I attempted to write about my day then but my computer is kinda a jerk. So I'm writing now.

Sunday food? Nothing yet... I just woke up!!