Wednesday, April 26, 2006

afternoon delight

Many thanks go out to the person who brought in the donut holes. Not only were they great for breakfast but they are helping me ward off the tummy growls this afternoon as well!
Why is it that happy meals fill me up for only about an hour??

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Taco Bell and smoothies...
I make great smoothies. : )

Thursday, April 20, 2006

the shells

Notice what channel is on in the background : )

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I had happy meals for both lunch and dinner.
When I stepped on the scale this morning: 125.
Dammit, cake for lunch today.

I also ate real food. I made chicken stuffed shells with alfredo sauce for dinner. I tried to take a photo for you guys to drool over but my camera batteries died. I think I might have gotten one before it shut off though. I'll post it later if I did.
Was so hungry from lack of lunch, ate too many shells. Might weigh 190 now.

Monday, April 17, 2006

weekend in progress

Thursday, April 13, 2006


When this pops up on my screen... it tells me it is LUNCH TIME!
I'm starving.
Today is another microwave pizza. Just one this time.
Forgot dessert too.
: (

ps. I'm going to kill the fish eater at work.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bugger off, wanker...

Okay, not really. Just wanted to use the phrase.
124 lbs. but fully dressed
Breakfast: two granola bars
Lunch: leftover stir fry chicken and rice and a McFlurry (oreo) for dessert
Dinner: bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream
Starving... BLOODY starving now.

Lind only posts/comments from work. Notice the lack of Lind funny since her job ended on Friday.

I'm alls growns up!
Can drink milk outta martini glass if I wanna!!

Punch to the noggin story:
short story version
T caught (now) ex cheating on her... punched in head (as well as kicked and bit and other such rubbish)... when punched in head, said asshole's arm went numb. Thank you kickboxing classes.
Normally not violent.
Extreme circumstances.
Makster finds it hI-larious to bring up the punching to the head constantly...
am going with it.

I feel pretty
oh so pretty
I feel pretty and witty and...
gay (Mel)
and I pity
any girl who isn't me today...

Monday, April 10, 2006


... I actually make dinner.
Look (pointing at the photos)
Stir fry chicken and scallions on rice... and a glass of chocolate milk.

Don't forget dessert:

Still refuse to weigh self.


Feel ill.
Refuse to weigh self.
Ate two Red Baron microwave pizzas (pepperoni) for lunch.
After first, should have stopped. But was hungry and had no ice cream for dessert. So made second pizza.
Pants are tight.
Should loosen belt from fourth hole in to third in order to breathe.
Breathing is overrated.

At least had "normal" breakfast...
granola bar.

Really want to retch.
Not bulemic though.
Would probably be improper to lie down on floor under desk and take nap.
No one is around though...


Sunday, April 09, 2006


Morning: Cadbury cream egg (while taking a bath and shaving my legs)

Afternoon: Three glasses of Sierra Mist (while meeting with my group for school to work on a paper at Panera)
Klondike ice cream cookie sandwich (while waiting for Katie to come over)

Evening: Ice cream in a waffle cone (while watching the Suns game and getting rained on)
Bowl of popcorn (while torturing Katie with videos I made when I was 21/22)
Lindt Truffle (while torturing Katie by making her eat one too... don't worry; she declared her Lent officially over like last week sometime)

Morning: I slept through it...

Lunch: Chicken quesadilla with chips and queso (I can actually make real food once in awhile)

Afternoon: Lots of root beer... lots. I went to the potty three thousand times. But I was hanging out with the softball team.

Dinner: Pizza rolls and a drumstick for dessert

No stories to tell. Tis getting late and I must sleeeeeep...
Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Friday, April 07, 2006

murphy's law

123.5 lbs. (but wearing jeans and t-shirt), alcohol units 0 (still Lent), calories I give up on counting already

Today's Diet
Morning: handful of chocolate covered pretzels
Lunch: leftover chicken and pasta from dinner last night and cheesecake for dessert
Afternoon: Dove chocolate with lovely saying on inside of wrapper

Evening: 3 slices pepperoni pizza from Al's and two glasses of cherry kool-aid (oh yeah) as well as a klondike chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich thing

In Folio Style
You: guy in ginormous green vehicle giving me funny look
Me: blonde in black two-door giving big winks

Wanna grab pizza and a movie?

Ah yes... murphy's law:

free beer at tennis wednesday past... couldn't drink

free beer at baseball tomorrow... still can't drink

can drink? no free beer...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

the rest of Thursday

4:00 pm Drumstick - 340 calories
7:00 pm Nature Valley strawberry yogurt granola bar - 140 calories
10:00 pm Rosemary garlic seasoned chicken - 90 calories
Angel hair pasta with herbs - 225 calories
Bottle of IBC Black Cherry soda - 180 calories

Made real food for dinner. Wow...

A new way of life...

120.5 lbs, alcohol units 0 (I gave up for Lent... other than the minor slip up, okay major, at Social Spirits), calories ummm (what? I have to count these??)

Food Consumed Today
Slice of Publix plain cheesecake (fine, 420 calories)
Bottle of Black Cherry IBC soda (180 calories)

Okay, so that's it. It is still early though.
Wait, are you wondering why I am posting my daily intake of food??

March 23, 2006
7 am. Lakeland. My friend Sheri's dad's house.
Ugh. Am tired. Got little sleep after going to bed late and being woken up by first, the cat trying to take over the couch and second, the baby crying for like two hours. Finally got back to sleep when Sheri's step mum and half sis got up at 6 am to go to Disney.
Living room couch - not good place to catch much shut eye.

Kids are napping. Adults drinking guinness and chatting.
Those present: Sheri, her hubby Eric, and the two singletons Matt and me.
Matt was part of our Dallas group of friends too. Matt had asked me out back then... what? Nine years ago? Didn't work out. Not awkward though.
Sheri turns to me and says, "Do you eat more these days?"
Sheri turns to Matt, "Tracy used to only eat meat, chocolate, and ice cream."

Thus, the start of the TracyDiet™
I guess I can add Happy Meals to the list now.