Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Falling over...

Sunday: I got up a bit late-ish so I had the rest of my queso with chips for lunch. Then I ran off to softball practice and a game...
After the game I shared a pitcher o' beer with Mark, one of my teammates, at Ale House. Usually after the games I drink root beer and eat loaded cheese fries. I didn't this week.
I think I went home and showered and then ate ice cream while watching Wendy Wu, Homecoming Warrior.

Monday: 3 clementines and two granola bars in the morning.
Lunch was a Stouffer's las-ag-na and another clementine.
After work and before class, I managed to down two bowls of ice cream. And after class? Another bowl of ice cream.

Tuesday: Oh, today. Breakfast was leftover Cripsers from Saturday and a granola bar.
Lunch? I'm eating a bag of Ruffles right now. I have a microwave Red Baron pizza but I've eaten a lot of Ruffles (have Rrrrrridges) so I dunno if I want the pizza. I have m&m's for dessert. : )

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday's eatery

Breakfast took place in the car on the way to the library for my weekly Saturday meeting with my CapSim group. It was a granola bar. I also took a second one to sneak into the library and eat about halfway through the meeting. It kept my tummy from being totally pissed that I was there until almost 2 pm... bypassing lunchtime.

So I had lunch around 3 pm. That's okay. Look what I had:
Yup, chicken quesdaillas... and extra hot queso!!

Dinner was late too. Probably around 8:30-ish. I had the Carribean Chicken Flatbread and a chocolate milkshake at Crispers with a friend. We were going to go see The Breakup at 10 but said friend was tired. So home I came. I attempted to write about my day then but my computer is kinda a jerk. So I'm writing now.

Sunday food? Nothing yet... I just woke up!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

No really...

Not eating any better.

Morning: a clementine, a package of mini Oreos, and a granola bar...

Lunch: Happy Meal... they have cars from Cars in them right now. I got Sally... who I do believe is a Porsche. Although the Happy Meal toy didn't have the Porsche symbol thingie. Now maybe Porsche doesn't want to be associated with McDonald's... but who is to say those little kids who love Happy Meals won't grow up to be rich and want their own "Sally"? Or who knows... maybe those kids have rich families now and will get one for their sweet sixteen. Or maybe the people eating Happy Meals are loaded adults... like me.
Also at lunch: hot fudge sundae

Afternoon: banana

Evening: two bowls of Frosted Flakes and a small bag of popcorn at X-Men 3!
Finally saw X-Men 3. Thought it was supposed to be the last one... but they certainly leave it open enough to make another... if they want.

Yeah... so still eating a lot of crap. But at least I am throwing in some fruit here and there...

I thought my arms would be pretty sore today from kayaking. Surprisingly enough, they aren't. However... my calves are! Durn step class. Oh well... I guess I should be glad I didn't bruise my arse when I fell on it. Those buns of steel are coming in handy... as are the bananas. I hear bananas help prevent bruising. Odd since they actually bruise so easily.

I'm tired and I have a group meeting to attend in the morning. G'night.

ps. I realize that most people who read this particular blog know exactly what I look like and also know I'm not a ginormous blob... but just in case:

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A fresh start?

I bought a crate thingie of clementines on Tuesday.
I think part of me is actually trying to eat better.

Yesterday morning: two clementines, a yogurt granola bar, and a banana.

Lunch: two slices of leftover Pizza Hut pizza (okay, not so great)

Afternoon: another clementine. They are surprisingly easy to peel. That's a disadvantage to oranges in my book.

Dinner: uhhh... What did I have for dinner last night? Before I ran off to class... I had... ummm... I think I had a bowl of Frosted Flakes. Guess I'm really not doing as well as I thought.

And when I came home from class, I started a pint of Ben and Jerry's Everything but the...


Today though I exercised!
I went kayaking!! For three hours!!! My hands hurt now... durn paddle.
And THEN I went to the step class at the gym for the first time. It was lovely except when I fell down. : )

Breakfast today: granola bar

Lunch: We grilled after kayaking... but the kiddos put BBQ sauce on everything before they cooked it. Yuck. I ate Tostitos.

Afternoon Delight: the rest of that pint o' ice cream.

Dinner: not yet. Just got home from the gym and finished up a cover letter for a job!!!

Sorry I've been slacking in the blog department lately...

Friday, June 02, 2006

Last night...

I baked cookies. Lots of them.
I'll have to take a photo before they are all gone.
I made them because tonight I am having dinner with the group of people that travelled together to Sweden. Dinner, drinks, laughter... and then, I'm sure, some bar hopping. : )

I didn't go to the cardio dance class. Everyone kept warning me to let the mexican man quit dancing around his sombrero perched on my tummy. But I wanted to go. I was looking FORWARD to going.
So on went the sports bra and workout pants... up went the hair in pigtail braids... the bottle of water was grabbed and I drove down the street...
Yeah... Fate intervened.
The class is on Tuesdays... which somehow translated in my MBA mind as Tuesday/Thursday. Nope. No Thursday class.
Now I could have stayed and run on the treadmill but I didn't have my headphones and I hate listening to myself breathe.
I went home.

And made those cookies.
AND I made a REAL dinner. Dammit... no photos of that either. I think I seriously broke my photo taking finger in Sweden.
I marinated some chicken in a spicy sauce that I can't spell and am too lazy to go look up now. I threw it on the Foreman.
Then I made a pot of pasta in an alfredo sauce.

And guess who made enough to bring for lunch today too!??!
Yay me!

Breakfast so far: two oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
Guess I'm back to my old ways... bye dancing mexican!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Today I had a granola bar... and then some crackers mid-morning.
Lunch was a Stouffer's las-ag-na.
I'm hungry again already. Must be a decent sign that the evil Mexican man has left my system.
Durn tummy growling.

So I went to my first class at the gym Saturday morning. It was a hip hop class. There were only two of us there with it being a holiday weekend and all. It was fun though! Not an extreme workout... but learning a choreographed dance that quick is never an easy task! : )
I haven't been since (blame the mexican) but I plan on attempting to return tonight. There a step class at 5:30 or a cardio dance class at 6:30. We'll see how quick I get home and changed. I'll probably hit the later one.