Friday, May 26, 2006

Ah et what Ah want!

Leftover oreo McFlurry for breakfast.
I think McDonald's should give me free food for life with how much I talk about eating there...
Why did I have a leftover McFlurry?

Build A Bear toys rock.
I got a karate outfit bunny yesterday!!!!

ps. I joined the gym last night. Now I can really do what my title says. : p

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Breakfast of Champions

Yes, really.
This is what I ate for breakfast.

And now I think I will head out to McD's for lunch. I need a Happy Meal. They have Build A Bear toys...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Please Sir... may I have some more?

I think we actually went for Thai food twice while we were in Sweden...

I actually took these so my parents can see me eating *gasp* SALAD!

We went to a bar for "After Work" specials (no Happy Hour allowed over there) and they feed you!!

At the shrimp house, you got your food on a remote control boat... they were fun to race around!

This reminds me of Shark Tale...
The best steak I have ever eaten! So what if it is at the Shrimp House place??

I already ate my food... but I put decorations in my hair! Can you see what they say?

Lacoya very excited to see a burger!
And Dr. El-Ansary eating some kind of shrimp sandwich thing...
Who said this had to be all about MY food??

My favorite food in all of Sweden.
First discovered during the coffee break at Fixturelaser (where I proceeded to have three!) and then at 7-11 by my roomie Martha. I went back for more. 4 for 20 krone!! In case you can't tell... they are cinnamon buns!

Dessert at Ikea... yes, Ikea.
They have a huge caf!
The meatballs? Yum!
This mint thing though? Ick.
Sign on soda machine... still at Ikea.

Mmmmmm... ice cream!
Me love the MAGNUM!

Chicken Pasta dish at a group lunch.

Interesting breakfast buffets at the hotels...
I ate a lot of cereal. And bread with lingon berry jam.

DENMARK Dessert bar where we stopped for lunch on the way to Denmark.

Open Faced Sandwich

Very salty food at the brew house...

Chocolate soup with a curry sorbet at the brew house.
The sorbet? Not so yum.
The chocolate soup? Interesting beer flavor...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

in no particular order

Drinking in Sweden and Denmark: